David Parkin on the rich list, looking at birds and critical feedback

David Parkin on the rich list, looking at birds and critical feedback

GLANCING at Insider magazine’s recently published Yorkshire Rich List I wasn’t surprised to see that there is no change at the summit for the umpteenth year.

Brothers Malcolm and Eddie Healey once again top the table, with a combined fortune of £1.65bn.

Malcolm Healey’s York-based West Retail Group includes Wren Kitchens and the electronics retailer Ebuyer.

Sibling Eddie is best known for the Meadowhall shopping centre, which he developed alongside Paul Sykes.

To my knowledge the brothers don’t work closely together and are not siamese twins.

So why lump them together in the rich list?

Surely they deserve to be listed separately.

Although I’m sure they would rather not be named on the rich list.

Any genuine tycoon worth their salt hates being included in such a register.

Whereas I’ve heard tell that some nouveau riche flashy upstarts actually campaign to be included.


DESPERATE to keep people busy on its platform, Linkedin giddily tells its users whenever any of their connections have a birthday, work anniversary or have been mentioned in the news.

We slightly tweaked the name of our business a year ago and so it prompted a flurry of congratulations.

Among the clutch of: “Congrats on your work anniversary” messages, one in particular stood out.

It was from someone I’m apparently connected to in Germany.

“Gratuliere zum Firmenjubiläum!” he joyfully proclaimed.

I clicked on his profile to try and find out more about my well wisher.

“Geschäftsführer und Vertrieb bei Saar Lagertechnik GmbH “Lagern und Fördern in ALLEN Dimensionen”​.



I PAID tribute to my late father in last week’s blog.

At the time I published it I was concerned that it might be too subjective and personal and so not of very much interest to readers.

However the reaction I have had to the piece was truly staggering including many emails, texts, calls and several people stopping me in the street to mention it.

I’m glad my Dad’s story was of interest to so many. Writing about losing a parent clearly struck a chord with both those who have lost one or both of their parents – and those that haven’t.

I now have to do it in front of a church full of people at the funeral on Tuesday.

And given the number of people my Mum has sent last week’s blog to, the one thing I now certainly can’t do is use that as the basis of my eulogy.


YOU might be wondering what relevance the photo at the top of the page has to today’s blog.

Well none really.

It’s of Bempton Cliffs, an RSPB reserve on the East Yorkshire coast where up to half a million seabirds including gannets, puffins, kittiwakes and guillemots, gather to raise their young between March and October every year.

I’ve been wanting to visit Bempton, which is in between Bridlington and Filey, since it was honoured at the Welcome to Yorkshire White Rose Awards a couple of years ago.

I did just that at the end of September and wasn’t disappointed as thousands of gannets, looking almost prehistoric with their two metre wingspans and feet the size of a man’s hand, soared overhead, fussed around their nests on the chalk cliffs and dived into the icy waves below.

It was a wonderful experience. I intend to return in the spring when the puffins return from their winter sojourn.


ONE of the first responses to last week’s blog was from someone who featured in it.

I had a pop at Barker Brooks, the organisers of the Yorkshire Legal Awards, for banning me from attending.

(Although given the feedback of some who attended, it sounds like a blessing in disguise.)

Les Charneca, the chairman of Barker Brooks, dropped me a line to say that “it was a commercial decision not to let you attend YLA and only because of your connection to TheBusinessDesk that competes with us”.

After pointing out that my only connection to TBD.com is that I founded it and I haven’t been involved for almost four years, I said he should have more confidence in the quality of his own events.

Les replied to say that he and another director had no issue with me attending but a third director objected.

Given they thought thought I was still involved with TBD.com, let’s hope it wasn’t the director that is in charge of research.

Les added: “With hindsight I wish we had approached you directly with our reservations, we thought you were still involved. We will learn for next time.

“Keep the rants up, they are brilliant. Not quite as funny when I am in them, but still funny nonetheless.

“Have a good weekend. My heartfelt condolences to you.

“Keep writing. I am about to board a plane to France;)”

When the people I have a pop at start paying me compliments, I’m not sure whether I should be flattered or disappointed.

Have a great weekend.

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  1. David
    Meant to comment on last week but didn’t get round to it – It was a very touching piece. My father died a couple of years ago and his ashes are now spread at Bempton Cliffs . Hope Tuesday goes ok.


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