COPA: Your hub for Events, Content, Communications and Engagement

COPA delivers inspiration and quality combined with consistency right across all aspects of your business communications.

We have unrivalled knowledge of the regional business landscape and unparalleled relationships with leaders and decision-makers in the private and public sectors.

People do business with people. In a fast-moving world how a business engages with its existing and potential clients and how it projects and promotes itself is crucial.

We have the journalistic skill and capability to get under the skin of an organisation, subject or individual and find out what they really mean, what makes them different and how they can be showcased in the right way that brings significant benefits.

How you are perceived and how you engage is important and we’ve all heard the line “you only get one chance to make a first impression” – but consistently impressing is the key. Regular high quality communications can deliver that.

Please call us on Leeds 0113 892 1002 or send us your enquiry to discover how COPA can deliver for you.

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